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Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

In my association with environment, forest and wildlife for about 40 years, I had the occasions of visiting wilderness all across the country, more so in North and Central India. During all these years, I have come across many foresters, several of whom are family friends. Among these friends, I came across Daulat earlier on in 1980 at Keoladeo National Park, Bharatpur, Rajasthan. We have known each other since then and interacted and met on many many occasions. Professionally, Daulat has been a hardcore wildlifer, serious observer, very good manager and to add to that, he is an excellent wildlife photographer. His professional excellence has kept him always posted in wildlife management. I had occasions of interacting with his seniors also many many times and found that they heavily depended on him because of his seriousness and involvement in the job. Personally, he is a very good friend and has a very good sense of humour. His company is always enjoyable.
Mr. Pushp Jain
N 71, Lower Ground Floor, Greater Kailash 1 New Delhi 110048 India
Director, EIA Resource and Response Centre (ERC)
It was my privilege to have gotten the opportunity to interact with Sir Daulat Singhji personally couple of times, it was a simple phone call and he ensured that he got one of his sharpest trained forest guide cum driver to show me around the best part of the Jungle. Unfortunately, I couldnt see the Majestic animal due to bad weather (rain & thunderstorm), I have pledged to return to the jungle. My heartfelt gratitude to all the forest officers/ guards who toil day and night to protect this beautiful forest and maintain its tranquility. My sincere thanks to Daulat Singhji for his kindness and for being a wonderful host. I look forward to meeting him again soon :-)
Ketan Jain
Associate Director & Head Sales & Distribution, National Australia Bank, India
Its a privilege to know Daulat Singh.Its not often that one comes across such dedicated individuals who are passionate about what they do.He is a storehouse of knowledge acquired hands on in the field.Despite winning many awards and accolades Daulat Singh still goes about discharging his duties as ACF just as diligently!A wonderful, humane,humble,simple and forthright person.If only there were more like him India's conservation story would be different.God bless him.
Sangita & Akhil Chandra
We are extremely privileged to know Daulat Singh. He is so dedicated to his work,not just because of a sense of duty, more because he loves what he does. Daulat is one of the rare breed of individuals who are passionate about forests and wildlife and are willing to work hands on for their well being. A man of few words,one will not find him waxing eloquent on the state of India's wildlife in drawing room conversations....he will just go about doing what he has to quietly and with all his heart.He treasures the awards and honours he hascareer as a true-blue forester but remains the same publicity shy humble man! If only we had a few more like him India's conservation story would have been different.May God bless him!!!!
Sangita & Akhil Chandra
“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed.”
Indian wild life too has fallen to man’s greed….. But India is fortunate to have personalities Like MR. Daualat Singh Shaktawat, who has not only served the nation on wild life conservation but has set an examples with education to all aspiring wildlife enthusiast and professionals , how to conserve with personal touch and sheer dedication round the clock.
Concept of Calendar on Tiger’s Behavior and Management Mantra is not only well conceived and executed, it has been co related wonderfully n aesthetically with our corporate world. All cheers for him.
I wish him bright future, in his ALL future Endeavor’s for our great nation India n Proud to be in a TIGER COUNTRY with brave man like Mr . Daulat Singh Ji.

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